Without Him, Without Him

Roy – “Doing this without him while we’re waiting for him to come back is one thing, but doing this without him, without him?  That’s a whole other situation.”

Diggle – “Well, what do you want me to tell you Roy!  I can only see one inch in front of me and this is the only thing in front of me right now.”

Well said.  Roy is pointing out the difference between doing something with hope in the background and Diggle is point out the only way we keep moving when we have lost hope.It shows how clearly Roy is in the Broken stage, he doesn’t want to move, where as Diggle is in the Survival stage of this crisis, he is moving but without any clear direction…just trying to get by.  The loss of hope is really one of the hardest part of the Broken stage.  Without hope how can we move?  

“Without Him, Without Him” is a great way to put it because I think it reflects our feelings when we experience great loss.  We are not only without the person we lost but we are also without hope, without company (because we often feel alone in our loss even when we are not) and even without God.  Broken people feel very alone. However, as outside viewers we don’t fully feel this abandonment and loss of hope because we have the God Perspective…hope is never fully gone when the whole story is known.



Roy – “Don’t abandon me”

Oliver – “Never”

 Good job Roy.  I like how he gets right to the point…right to his fear.  Too often do we abandon those around us.  Playboys need parents, the Broken need those who provide hope, Survivors need consistency in their training,  Vigilantes need sidekicks, really firends; Heroes can’t do it alone.  No matter where we are at we all need someone. For many of us abandonment is likely one of our greatest fears and rightfully so.


Roy – “You’re…?!”

Oliver – “Yeah…Yeah.”

Roy – “Last year you saved my life, and I don’t mean from the guy who kidnapped me…I mean you saved me.  You gave me purpose.”

Oliver – “We’re just getting started.”

 Roy is pointing out here, once again, that saving a life, weather from a trauma or a series of rough experiences, is about giving the person purpose.  Arrow gave Roy purpose, a reason to change, fight back, be something more.  A reason to rise up out of his situation, and now, in this episode, Oliver is giving Roy the power of love.  With these two, purpose and love, they really are “just getting started.”  What a powerful combination.

(for more on helping others through rough times: Failure Redeemed

Hit Me

Roy – Thea you’re angry….at your mother, the D.A, yourself maybe. But that anger is going to chew up your insides if you don’t let it out.

Thea – I’m not going to hit you Roy.

Roy – Try

 I actually think Roy is right here.  He talks about how the anger inside of Thea needs to get out somehow or it’s going to burn her up.  I think he is not only right in this but I also think it is admirable of him to let her punch him.  Why?  For a two reasons…First, because Thea will not punch Roy to hurt Roy.  She will not get addicted to punching this way because she will always hold something back.  She has a way to let out some intense anger in a safe way.  Secondly because it allows Thea the arms she will need to collapse into when she has exhausted her anger.  Roy is right there for her…when she’s mad and when she falls apart.  Good job Roy.