Revealing Secrets

“Secrets hurt, baby, sometimes more than the truth.” ~ Officer Launce

I would have, once, thought  quote to be somewhat profound…until we over-analyzed Arrow. 🙂  I think we’ve seen time and time again in the show that sometimes lying, for the good of another and in the right way, can actually be a good thing. But Secrets can also be a huge burden, for sure they’ve weighed many down.  Letting them out purposefully and slowly is key.

However, in order to let secrets out slowly the person/people we are talking to have to be around for a while.  Many of us could do with a lesson in recognizing the importance of “sticking around.”  Relationships are so flippant and fleeting these days.  I was just reading over some Christmas letters I wrote to friends (28 of them) who had had an impact on my life 6ish years ago…only 1 of them is still in my life.

Why don’t we give people more time?  Why don’t we stick around?  How in the world could you expect Oliver to open up about everything in the first week he is back? Looking back at the first few episodes of season one season Oliver’s friends and family really expect this of him and they are offended when he doesn’t.  However, it’s only those who have been with him through good and bad (Felicity and Diggle) that have gotten to hear anything about his time.  Thea doesn’t know anything and even Laurel who knows now that he is the Arrow doesn’t know anything about his time on the island.  All that to say that yes, Officer Launce is right…she does need to open up but in her own time, in her own way, and only to the people she wants to open up to, and if we expect others to open up to us we have to be apart of their lives for the long haul, through the ups and downs of their journey.