Our Own Worst Enemy

“From the moment your children are born you worry what the world might do to them.  But you never stop to think what you might do to them.  That we could be our own worst enemy” ~ Moira

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Accepting Him

Thea: So, what, he gets a free pass?
Moira: No, I just think we need to stop judging him for the Oliver he was and start accepting him for the Oliver he is.

It can be really hard to see someone for who they really are and not as who we want or expect them to be.  Our lives are so busy and we have so much going on in our own minds, hearts, and circumstances that stopping to really think about who someone else is, what they might have been through, or how they are trying to express themselves to us can be really difficult.  Listening, accepting, and understanding someone really takes focus, time, and work…but it’s worth it.