Threats and Targets

“The entire time I was gone I could never completely trust someone, and when that goes on for so long…you stop seeing people for people.  You see…threats…or targets. ~ Oliver

I think this is huge. People tend to see logic as stagnant, something that is unmoved by circumstance or situation, but I think Oliver opens up the idea that many of us have experienced in our own lives that logical decisions and reasonable action changes when we are put in difficult (or even joyous) opportunities.  Oliver’s whole thought process changed, people weren’t/aren’t people, he is playing a game where people move around in strategy with one another.  Funny thing, it reminds me of that Friends episode where Pheobie decides that she is never going to do a good deed that doesn’t benefit her  so she lets a bee sting her until she finds out that they die after they sting you. Her whole argument with Joey is that there are no selfless good deeds. It’s crazy, but much of life can begin to feel like strategy and not relational when you just look at it through a different lens.


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