Yes You Can!

Laurel – No. No.  You can’t commit suicide Ollie.  You won’t do that to me, or to Sarah, or to your friends, or to Thea.  Oliver she just lost her mother.  Loosing you would destroy her.

Oliver – She’ll be alive.

Laurel – I don’t know anything about hoods and masks, or human weapons, or any of this, but I know you.  I know you like I know my own name.  And I realize it may sound crazy, in light of your secret, but I know who you are in your bones Oliver!  And that person, that person doesn’t give up.  That person he always finds a way.

Oliver – Not this time.

Laurel – You’re wrong.  You want to protect the people who you love then the only way to do that is to stop Slade Wilson.


Laurel – YES YOU CAN!

 Good job Laurel! (and those who wrote this script) 

 It’s interesting that Laurel points out here that in sacrificing himself Oliver will be hurting those he loves.  Oliver is broken again and not wanting to survive and therefor he doesn’t see the impact his death would have on those  he is trying to protect.  Sarah is right, Oliver’s death would destroy Thea (and probably others as well).  There are a lot of things out there that are worse than death.  Oliver knows this (that is why he is craving death, and end to all his pain) but he can’t see how it impacts others right now because “the broken phase” is a phase of blurred or vision.  The pain is blinding him.  So, although he is still a hero in many aspects of his life…he is unable to see how fragile others are as well.

 In our lives I think we experience this as well.  When things are so hard that we know death would be a release it is a time when we can’t see truth clearly.  Laurel yells at Oliver to keep going, keep trying, be a survivor…but he can’t see it yet.  Oliver needs Laurel, just as we need others in our lives during this time. Someone who will list off the people we HAVE TO live for, see what we can become, push us to survive.  Not everyone makes it out of the broken phase…we have to fight to survive.


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