If I Die

Oliver – If I don’t make it…I need you to…to tell my mom and my sister that I wasn’t that same stupid kid who got on that boat.  Tell them I was different.

Sarah – And if I don’t make it…tell my family that I died on the Gambit.

Oliver – Why?

Sarah – Let them remember me the way that I was.

This quote is another great example of the stages of becoming a hero.  Oliver wants people to know he is different.  He is moving past the survival stage and isn’t worried about just “making it” anymore…he wants to be, and be known for, something more.  Sarah on the other hand is still being broken.  She has not lost as much, she has not learned to survive or learned what survival takes.  For Sarah, who I think is still in the process of being broken, she only sees loss.  This quote is a good contrast of how people see death differently depending on the stage they are in.  Here is how I think each stage would react to possible death…

Playboy – It’ll never happen to me.

Broken – Death is fine by me…it would be better then what I’m going through now.

 Surviving – No Way!  I won’t enter that situation because I’m going to do anything I can to survive and fight!

Vigilante – If I die remember that I’m different now…I died for a cause.

Hero –I will fight for others and if I die it will be so that someone else might find life.

Superhero – I will fight in the shadows and die unknown (or even alone) but I have set up a legacy for others in my life to successfully move on, changed because of me.


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