Oliver – I was wrong too

Helena – About what

Oliver – I thought I could help you, stop you from being a killer, but…I was just starting, and I was a killer too.

Helena – And what are you now?

Oliver – I’m trying to be better.

 This scene is really cool because Oliver is looking back and looking forward.  There’s a scene when he first meets Helena where he is looking back on how he has changed (at Sara’s grave talking about how much he has changed from the island) but this time he is looking forward as well.  He is starting to see that he has/had limits and that he is developing into a hero/superhero…he isn’t just one because he wants it to be so.  Also, Tommy had told Oliver when he first found out about his “Arrow” persona that he was a killer…and Helena had told him that she and he were the same when it came down to it…and they were right in a way.  At the time Oliver was driven by his purpose alone (he was a vigilante not a hero) but now, Oliver is not only starting to think of others (he even comes to see Helena and try to help her though this tough transition) but he is also thinking about his own progress and how he can continue to improve.  He doesn’t make some grand statement about how far he has come or how much of a hero he is…he only states that he is trying to be better.  He is trying to be something more (for Tommy and others he loves/loved).  He is trying to be a hero.


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