A Hero Is Born

Diggle – “Oliver I know you’ve taken Roy on, and why, but Roy, Slade, a lot of guys I’ve served with…some people are just broken, man, and nobody can put them back together.

Oliver – “I refuse to believe that.  I’m not letting what happened to Slade happen to Roy.  I’m not.”

 A few weeks ago I suggested to one of my friends that a really good counseling question would be, “What does it take for someone to move from playboy, to broken, to surviving, to vigilante, to hero, to superhero?”  A lot of what I talk about in these quotes is this transition.  This one highlights what it takes to transform from vigilante to hero.

In this scene Oliver is no longer striving to be a hero…he is one.  This quote reveals how Oliver has taken on a lifestyle, a belief, an identity.  He is more than just someone who fights for others…he is now someone who believes in others.  He flat out refuses to see others, their circumstances and redemption, as hopeless.  He is not only going to do everything he can to help them to become something more but he is willing to acknowledge his horrific past as part of his identity, and use it to help others.  He stands up and fights for hope.

This is what I would say it takes for us to move from vigilante to hero in our “real lives”…a willingness to accept our past and live a life that stands for love and hope.  When hope is difficult, or love forces us to face our failings, faults, and traumas of the past, yet we choose to see potential, love, and hope in others despite our/their past or circumstances, a hero can be born.

(find more on what makes a hero here: Horcruxes, Heroes, and Harry Potter)


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