Hit Me

Roy – Thea you’re angry….at your mother, the D.A, yourself maybe. But that anger is going to chew up your insides if you don’t let it out.

Thea – I’m not going to hit you Roy.

Roy – Try

 I actually think Roy is right here.  He talks about how the anger inside of Thea needs to get out somehow or it’s going to burn her up.  I think he is not only right in this but I also think it is admirable of him to let her punch him.  Why?  For a two reasons…First, because Thea will not punch Roy to hurt Roy.  She will not get addicted to punching this way because she will always hold something back.  She has a way to let out some intense anger in a safe way.  Secondly because it allows Thea the arms she will need to collapse into when she has exhausted her anger.  Roy is right there for her…when she’s mad and when she falls apart.  Good job Roy.

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