You Can Tell Me

“If you ever need to tell someone about your day, you can tell me.”

We all want someone to be there for us when we need to talk, but supporting someone else in their time of need is not always easy.  We say, “call me any time” or “I’m always here for you” but do we really mean it?  Who would you call if you were stuck on the side of the road, had a stranger show up at your house, or if you had such a bad day that you just really needed to talk?  Who would you sit with if they called you?  We want to be there for others but the reality is (just as it was for Oliver) we often don’t see when another person is calling out to us for help and there are social protocols to follow.  If a friend calls at 2 in the morning would our phone be on and would we answer with frustration or empathy? The fact that Oliver is able to come back to Felicity at the end of this episode and tell her, “you can tell me” is a great gift.  The challenge is to actually be there if she does need to talk, no matter the time, place, or circumstance.


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