The Killer And The Hero

Oliver – I just feel like this island is…turning me into something terrible.
Shadow – No island, no place can make you something you’re not.”
Oliver – So I’ve always been a killer.
Shadow – Everyone has a demon inside them.  The Dao De Jing recognizes the yin and the yang. The opposing forces inside all of us.  The darkness.  The light.  The killer and the hero.

This quote highlights the conflict/turmoil that is faced by so many of the characters in Arrow as well as the conflict we ourselves face.  Every character in the show (Oliver especially), and every person here on earth, is trying to maintain a balance between the light and dark, the killer and hero inside of them.  One of Oliver’s great strengths is that he knows this is part of his battle.  He became aware of the constant struggle between hero and killer during his time on the island and how muddled that distinction can be.  He realizes that in so many situations both good and evil raise their heads.  After all, if he had not attacked the man in this scene Shadow would have been severely harmed or even killed…however in attacking him Oliver kills, with violent rage, for thei frist time.  Which was, “the right thing” to do….??? (an essay on this Impossible Decisions)

Everyone has a story, and everyone also has the opposing forces warring inside of them.  Some let the darkness come out even when they’ve had things go pretty well. Others suffer terrible things and chose the light.  It’s an ongoing battle most of us will struggle through our entire lives.


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