Talk To Him

Slade – I’ve seen many more with that look I their eyes.

Shadow – What look?

Slade – The one that says he’s split into someone else.  Someone he doesn’t even recognize.  If someone doesn’t talk to him it’ll tear him up.

It is very admirable what Slade is able to see in this scene that I think many of us could have overlooked.  Slade points out in this passage that Oliver is on the verge of a mental collapse.  Oliver has just beaten the guy to death to save Shadow.  He has killed for the first time out of rage, desperation, anger, and loss of control and now he is facing a huge upheaval in identity.  Someone has to grab him, and grab him now…tether him to the light or he really will collapse completely.  Someone has to remind him that he is more than just one act.  The fact that Slade recognizes this is a huge strength of his.


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