On The Island

Helena – “Hey can I ask you something.  I know it must have been hell for you alone on that island for 5 years…but um…was there ever a day when you were just happy to be away from everything. No pressure from you family, no need to be the person everyone else expects you to be.  Was there ever a day when…when…”

Oliver – “When I didn’t feel lost, I felt…free.  More than one.  And uh, those are the days that I miss.”

I really like this quote because despite everything bad, really bad, that happened to Oliver he can also see how it freed him. He can see how there were some things that he will only have “on the island.”  I think this quote speaks to the fact that part of him will always be “on that island.”  There is a part of him that misses the island.  The island was hell, but, in the end, he understood it.  He knew how to survive on the island, and, he gained something, part of his identity, by being there. 

This is true for many of us as well.  We have our own island (a time when were were isolated, enduring a trauma, trapped, changed) and this time stays with us.  It is part of who we are and even though things were hell when we were on the island, there were good things too…times we were free, things we learned, new aspects to our identity that formed.  Understanding this, and seeing the possibility that can come of our time “on the island” is an amazing strength to have.


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