Someone to Remind You Who You Are

Oliver: Have you considered my offer?
Diggle: Offer? That’s another way to put it.
Oliver: It is an offer. It’s a chance to do the kind of good that compelled you to join the military.
Diggle: Please.  You were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth, Queen. What, you spend 5 years on an island with no room service and suddenly you found religion.
Oliver: Diggle, I’m not looking for anyone to save me.
Diggle: Maybe not, but you need someone just the same. You are fighting a war, Queen, except you have no idea what war does to you. How it scrapes off little pieces of your soul. You need someone to remind you who you are, not this thing you are becoming.

This is a really cool scene because it shows how we all have things to work on…we all need a savior, even the superhero.  If Oliver gets too caught up in this list thing then he’s going the wrong way.  His determination to “rid the city of the people on the list” as some sort of justice for his father was the one thing that really bothered me about the show at first…however, it really works out cool because we (as the audience) can see that Oliver is not necessarily saving the city, Diggle knows this too, others in the show can see it…but Oliver doesn’t…yet.  Oliver hasn’t reached his perfect state yet…he is still developing.  I think this is lost in most superhero shows.  The superhero is usually perfect in every way and has nothing more to learn, physically, morally, mentally, or emotionally.  Usually their only downfall is that they have to “face too much to bear.”  

However in this show…Oliver has downfalls too.  He can’t do it alone and he is still learning and willing to change.  I like that. It connects to us.  We all have things to work on.  We all need others who will support us, ground us, remind us who we are (a sidekick if you will).  We all need a savior.  So perhaps we can all be superheros for someone or to some extent as well. 


2 responses to “Someone to Remind You Who You Are

  1. Good quote.

    Diggle and Oliver’s relationship is the best in the show, in my opinion. Diggle needs Oliver because he had nowhere to funnel his abilities and dreams before he joined with Oliver. Oliver needs Diggle because Diggle keeps him focused on who he really wants to become, a man who takes down evil.

    • Yep,

      It takes more than one to maintain a true balance. The show is so good because all the characters are growing, they are perfect and they need each other to help in their weaknesses.


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